Castel del Chianti S.p.A is taken advantage of a organoleptic PANEL recognised by the MIPAF with Decree n.663 of 27 January 2014, composed of 15 people all trained in the organoleptic appraisal of olive oils.

As indicated by the same Consiglio Oleicolo Internazionale the methods of work possessed by the company are:

Equipment and Material


Tasting room composed of 8 separate stations each containing

  • Standardized tasting glasses containing codified samples, covered by watch glasses and maintained 28° to C + - 2 °
  • Profile sheet on paper
  • Pencil or ballpoint pen
  • Saucer with slice of apple
  • Glass of water at room temperature
  • Software “COI Calculation Folder” for the correct statistical analysis of the data of all the tasters (available to the Panel Head)
  • The Computer that allows the use of the program (available to the Panel Head)


Panel Head


The panel head is in charge of the organization and the operation of the organoleptic test and has the task of convening the tasters on the established day and timetable in order to take part to the test and is in charge of the inventory of the tools, of their cleansing and the preparation and coding of the samples in order to carry out the test.


The tasters