PRODUCTION 20,000 KG IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) TUSCAN OIL

The freshly harvested olives are placed inside a container and, through a mechanical belt, are transported to the machine that separates the olive from the leaves and branches. Afterwards the olives are washed and passed to the crusher. Here, the first process of pressing occurs, whilst the second process takes place through the efforts of the millstones from which a past is obtained that is homogenous and composed of pulp, skin and the seed. Now the paste arrives at a “kneader” where, at a temperature of about 28°C it is separated from the oil: the paste is made fluid through a small addition of tepid water and pumped into the decanter where the separation of oil from water and the pomace (skin and seed) takes place. The separator, the final passage of the product, has the task of refining: in fact it divides the oil from the water and the eventual impurities remaining.